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Friday, August 29, 2014

Every Prepper Can Attest to this Fact ...

Prepping is a feel-good activity like no other.
Putting away that first quantity of storage food is a thrill. But that’s not the end of it.  All the follow-up additions to your growing larder deliver almost as much satisfaction as the first.
In fact, over time, as your preparedness supplies and gear stowage become more substantial, so does your ongoing sense of inner peace. It is not just a temporary adrenaline rush that others might get when they shop at the mall for “whatever floats their boat.”
Prepping results in a direct release of that anxiety that stems from feeling powerless over one’s future. You know—that low-ebb dread that builds over time as the result of the river of bad news and foreboding headlines that promise a bleak and dangerous future for all.

Smile in the Face of Danger
When you know that you’re actually in a position, due to your own wisdom and sacrifice,  to withstand some or most of the potential disasters that are on the horizon, your confidence and optimism lets you ride through even the worst news reports. Perhaps even with a bit of a smile on your face.
It’s not too late. Join the movement. Prepare for the crises ahead by putting away some long-term storage food and getting together your essential life-sustaining gear while the getting is good.
You cannot wait till the need for supplies is near and present. That’s when the foundations of civil society will be breaking down and chaos and desperation become the norm.

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