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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Members-Only Mountain House Food PRESALE Event ... Amped-Up Resistance Sale Freebies!

June 1 Starts Our Official MH Maximum Discount Sale, but ...

Buyers club members can get their orders in already starting today in our
 Mountain House Pre-Sale Event! 

Maximum allowed discounts from 25% to 35% and even to 40%-off Mountain House can case listings!! (If you are not logged in as a member, the price you see there is full list price.)

Make your MH Presale purchase this month and you will not only get your order in at the head of the line (June 1 is when we submit it for fulfillment), but your purchase also qualifies for our amped-up Resistance Sale freebies that are effective only through this month.

Yes--I said amped-up freebies offer. Today through May 31, we have made it even easier for you to collect our Resistance Sale freebies--more of them at lower incentive thresholds! Check the freebies menu here(see #3 on that page). 

Reminder--this month we are guaranteeing low prices for our members on all Mountain House foods--cans and pouches--as well as on 26 other key prepper treasures.

ON TOP OF ALL THAT, the price discounts and the incentive freebies ... our 2013 Loyalty Royalty program guarantees registered participants a year-end rebate of between 1 and 11% on all their Safecastle purchases between Apr. 1 and Dec. 31!  Plus great odds on winning a monthly prize!

And of course, your buyers club member discounts and our free shipping policy still stand as the underlying foundation beneath all of the crazy additional opportunities above that are available to you only during this month of May.

Quite simply, we can do no more than what we are doing this month. We're giving away the store in hopes that it will make a difference for you and our nation in the dangerous times ahead.  

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