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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Just Announced: Free Big Berkey to Qualifying Members!

Special Safecastle Royal Buyers Club Member Incentive Freebie:

Buyers club members who make purchases totaling
at least $2000 at from February 1-15, 2013
qualify for a FREE Big Berkey water filter with two Black Berkey elements!Transactions by a club member of any kind in our store during this offer period are cumulative and count toward the $2000 threshold.

Just make the $2000 threshold BEFORE February 16, 2013,
and then send an email to Vic no later than March 15, 2013 with the subject line FREE BIG BERKEY 
and that's all there is to it. Your free Big Berkey will be sent to your listed account shipping address. One Big Berkey offer per customer.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are prohibited by law from shipping Big Berkeys to California and Iowa. If you are a resident of those states and have an alternative shipping address in another state that we can use, just let us know and we will use that ... or, we will issue you a gift certificate worth $200.

This offer coincides with our Greatest-ever Mountain House cans sale ... so you are able to really pile on the savings and top off your preps in princely fashion ... saving up to 35% off the premier storage food in the world, reaping the Royalty Rewards gift certificates that your MH cans purchases qualify for, AND now, also scoring a free BIG BERKEY water filter when you hit the $2000 purchase mark.

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