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Thursday, August 16, 2012

OSU Lab Test Pits Mountain House vs. Wise Foods ... Results are WOW!

We just received information about a scientific third-party test conducted by Oregon State University.

There has been increasing controversy in the marketplace with regard to claims made by some storage-food manufacturers about their foods and shelf life, etc.

A previous recent test performed at Columbia Food Labs addressed shelf-life claims made by Wise Foods, showing the oxygen levels in that company's food packages are extremely high and not conducive to long shelf life for the foods in those packages.

Now this just released university test (conducted by the Sensory Science Lab at OSU in late July of this year) shows that there is a big difference in consumer preference in taste as well. Using a representative cross-section of 113 participants, a randomized, blind tasting test of comparable Mountain House and Wise Foods varieties was conducted.

In the end, the results were quite amazing, with the Mountain House foods preferred by a wide margin, averaging better than 90%. The lab indicates results have a 99.9% confidence level.

The summary slide presentation is available here.

The complete OSU data report can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone took it upon themselves to start definitive test comparisons on long term food storage products! With as much money as folks are dropping on these products it's great to have those attempting to defraud us of our hard earned dollars called out. Glad Safe Castle has been selling Mountain House products, as they are the standard in the industry! Richmoor, Backpacker's Pantry and others are high quality also. I hope previous customers of Wise Foods start shipping their orders back for refunds and buy something suitable for SURVIVAL!

Anonymous said...

I purchased a 72 hour supply of food from wise after they had claims of a 25 year shelf life. After recevied the packaged, I noticed a best before date of 7 years. Pretty frustrating. Glad this report was done.

Anonymous said...

I bought a few wise entrees to try them out. My opinion is...the stuff is not very good. Basically it's swill, it was soup in a bag. (my opinion). Mountain House or any of the other major brands beats it hands down. Don't waste your money on it.

Anonymous said...

I have tried some different brands, and Mountain House tastes the best. It is good to know they also have a better shelf life.