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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Submission Deadline Approaches for the 2011 Safecastle Freedom Awards – A New Media Survivalist Contest

Minneapolis, MN--The Safecastle Freedom Awards is a contest of skill, recognizing the best original, web-based content of the year that is related to survivalism and preparedness.

"We’re down to the last three weeks of the 2011 contest’s entry period." said Vic Rantala, president of Safecastle LLC, the crisis preparedness outfitter. "We aim to find and recognize the best, original, web-based content of the year, as submitted to several hand-selected websites in the genre."

Specifically, Safecastle's Freedom Awards program aims to reward logic, ethics, and knowledgeable insight demonstrated in a compelling way, in both non-fiction articles and in short online videos.

Said Rantala, "Increasingly people from all social circles are being drawn to the common sense appeal of reasonable, 'just in case' preparedness planning and activities. We've found that everyone is essentially looking for some measure of peace of mind in a world at risk. They are turning to the web for information on how to be better prepared for disaster and danger. There are some excellent resources and websites out there, and we want to encourage the continuation of the high-quality work that is appearing out there with regard to readiness planning."

Eligible entries will include new non-fiction articles written and originally posted online by Dec. 31, 2011, at a participating blog or forum. New short videos posted at the participating websites will also be eligible for Safecastle Freedom Award recognition. All finalists will be awarded an engraved, bronze-plated Safecastle Freedom Award. Top prizes will include such treasures as Katadyn Pocket water filters and Excalibur Dehydrators.

For more details on the contest, including links to the websites that are participating as sponsors, see "2011 Safecastle Freedom Awards."

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