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Saturday, November 05, 2011

We Remodeled and Brought in New Products

A New Dried-Food Line in Buckets
and a Mega-Protein Meat & Dairy Variety Pack

1. Have a look at our modestly streamlined, remodeled store. Like it? Don't like it? Let me know. (Notice that we are refocusing our identity on our Safecastle name. The PREPARED.PRO domain still works to get to our store, but we are now using that name as a brand for some special products we make available in our store.)

2. Budget concerns are huge these days. That's why we've brought in a new line of dried foods with lower prices than the Mountain House foods everyone is so familiar with. We are now offering Lindon Farms freeze-dried and dehydrated foods packaged in zipseal mylarfoil bags and plastic buckets. We did our homework with these folks. The food line is new , healthy, and meat-free. Check our low member pricing on these foods (all the packages are based on 2000-calories a day).

3. Speaking of meat, protein in a survival situation is a big necessity. It's also of course the most expensive kind of nutrition out there. In fact, right now, some meats in the grocery store are inflating in price at the annual rate of 10%. Well, we thought this is the time to do what we can to make sure you, our best customers, have a shot at a Mega-Protein Meat & Dairy Pack at a price that soon will be but a fond memory. (Shhh ... check our member price on this.)

4. As many of you know, renowned survival trainer Ron Hood passed away a few months back. Ron was a great resource for us here in his role as a member of our Safecastle Board of Advisors and we continue to look for ways to offer our support to his wife Karen and young son. In that concurrent vein of pride, appreciation, and encouragement, we are offering a handful of the survival knives Ron designed and perfected--which are now getting a great deal of attention and acclaim in survival and blade-crafting circles. Check out the Buck Knives - Ron Hood Hoodlum Survival Knife.

We've got more we could talk about but I'll let you poke around and find a few new gems in the store.

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