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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Safecastle Mountain House Sale EXTENDED thru Nov. 21

MH Cans Sale--Our Inventory is Blowing Out the Door--We've Arranged with the MH Factory to Ship Product as Well For Us

I don't need to tell you what's going on out there in the world. There are no bailouts that can rescue us anymore. Your future well-being is solely in your hands today. Prepare for the worst, because that's what's coming.

We are blowing thru all our in-stock Mountain House foods as well as our other food varieties and packages. Folks who know the score are taking advantage of our discounted food prices and free shipping before the looming price hikes that are coming next year (not to mention the societal chaos that also seems assured).

If you are not fully squared away by now--I advise you to get it all together now. The experts I interact with agree that time is now measured in days and weeks. I hesitate to connect such "scare-mongering" with our Safecastle sales, but today, it is what it is. We are all playing the cards that are dealt to us, right?

This is one current silver lining -- Our "Bunker-up" Mountain House cans sale is still in process--we have extended these maximum discounts thru Monday, Nov. 21. You have some great opportunities to maximize your resources and convert them into valuable supplies that are going to seriously appreciate in value in the future if expected food inflation and food shortage predictions are on target..

  • We are offering the maximum-allowed 25% discount on all MH cans.
  • Our buyers club members can capitalize on our current MH Royalty Rewards program  and our 2011 Cache Back program.
  • Needless to say, EVERYTHING ships free to the lower 48 all the time.
More good news:  The MH factory has agreed to immediately ship to customers the foods we run out of so that we can continue to offer you all the available MH varieties, even as our inventory is depleted. (The only item out of stock at the factory at the moment is Bananas and that will be available in early December.)

Shop the sale now.

Reminder:  Mountain House pouches are going up in price across the board--an average of 7%--January 1, 2012. So if you need MH pouches--get 'em now.

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