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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Canadian Mountain House Food-10% Off, Free Shipping

Act Fast--Just Got Word Prices are Going Up

Thru August, Safecastle is discounting Mountain House cans and pouches 10% in Canada. (List prices will need to be adjusted upward when we get our new wholesale pricing sheet sometime this month.)

No, U.S. buyers cannot purchase this food. It is labeled for Canadian nutrition laws. It is already in our distributor's warehouse in Ontario, ready to ship out within one to two business days.

Prices for these listings are all you pay. Shipping, taxes, duties, etc. are included in the price. Prices are in U.S. $.

Shelf life on the world's best freeze dried food: 7 years in pouches, 25-30 years in #10 cans.
Get Ready ... Seriously --

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