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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Safecastle Affiliate Program Launched

If you have a website, you can probably become a Safecastle affiliate and generate some cash flow. It's easy and free.

Many folks through the years asked about whether we would ever consider offering an affiliate program. It always came down to finding the time to get one set-up.

Well, now that our full-time workforce has expanded a bit, we have set up an affiliate program through Affiliate Wiz.

Check it out. (Our affiliates link is always available at the bottom of our store pages at

FYI, Safecastle affiliates earn a generous minimum commission of 5%. Our average transaction is $170.00, and transactions of well over $1000 are very common, so if you have decent site traffic and you promote us a bit using our supplied ads, you just may find yourself with some extra spending money.
Get Ready ... Seriously --

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