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Thursday, May 19, 2011

7 New Food Packages On Sale - Immediate Shipping - While They Last

We're offering 7 new variety food packages that are in stock now and shipping promptly. Supplies are limited. If these appeal, act quickly to ensure you get what you want.

Best of all--these are all sale-priced (additional member discounts are not available for some of them--check the listings).

1.  We have in stock our first shipment of a new line of canned, fully cooked, wet-pack meats. The Keystone brand is well-known and relied upon in multiple marketplaces for providing a great variety of meats that store for 10-15 years or more.

Our listing for a case of Keystone meats offers you excellent flexibility in customizing your case(s) to include your choice of up to three different meats (out of five available) in a 12-can case. (Note that, in case these go fast, we will be getting another shipment in in about 10 days, at a somewhat higher cost.)

2.  We're making available a special, economical butter and cheese combo case. In each combo case, you receive twelve 12-oz. cans of Red Feather butter and 36 two-ounce, single-serving cans of Bega cheese. Bega and Red Feather are brands processed and canned by a company in Australia for long-term storage without refrigeration.

3.  Five more new, unique food-product bundles are also now available and on sale. They include more foods than we can mention here, so please look them over here.  We even have a Pet Lovers bundle at 25% off.

(And I'll also point out again--our best food package deal at the moment remains our USS Food Bundle. Some of the foods in this particular package may be delayed up to a month in arriving to your doorstep.)

Mountain House Foods

Update on Mountain House foods ... the canned food cases we put up for sale a couple of weeks ago should all have been delivered by now. We do have another quantity of MH cans inbound which should be listed for sale sometime next week. (This time, they will be on the floor here before they go live. Stay tuned.)

As for pouches--MH is having a very difficult time now with keeping their pouch foods in stock and available for drop shipping. So be advised--if you order MH pouches, you may have a bit of a wait on some of the varieties.

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