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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Working Hard to Get You What You Need

We're certainly not alone today thinking that time is drawing short for serious preparedness. At Safecastle, we're doing our best to pull together some much-needed product packages that deliver to your needs.

Here are a few of the latest new offers for you. Quantities/availability are limited on these, so do not delay.

Sale-Priced 4-Month Food Package 

The headlines recently have read:  Only 11 days of food in US supply lines ... Rising fuel prices hitting farmers hard ... Food prices across the board skyrocketing ... Food shortages around the globe to result in global unrest ... and on and on.

Given the ongoing difficulty in getting many of the most popular storage foods due to overwhelming demand, we knew we had to get busy and find a way to get our customers what they want and need right now.

Christened the USS FoodBundle (Ultimate Sustenance Starter FoodBundle), this brand new rescue package includes a full variety of storage foods that will fully deliver to you within two to three weeks.

At 2000 calories a day, this food package represents 122 days of sustainability for one person ...12 full cases of food, plus a bonus can of non-hybrid veggie seeds ... 32 different foods ... sale priced at $1196.16. (Note that these packages include a case of fresh MH canned foods!)

This is must-seize opportunity for everyone from new preppers to old salty readiness vets

PREPARED.PRO Solar Laptop Bag

We sell and have sold a wide variety of solar products through the years. But it's very difficult if not impossible to find a solar charging solution for a laptop that is actually available and not backordered for months due to shipping or supplier issues.

So we have taken matters into our own hands. Using top-quality components, such as from Maxpedition, Tekkeon, and Voltaic, we have put together a solution that will charge your laptop in a matter of hours.

It also will work on most other small electronics.

This unique solar laptop bag definitely fills a gap in the preparedness plan for many serious preppers. Member price:  $499.00.

Gotta' Move this Brand New, Top-of-the-Line Silver Shadow Teardrop

It's in stock and ready to ship anywhere in the USA. We need to get this fully-equipped Silver Shadow teardrop trailer out of inventory this week, (the option is to take it home and use it for our own pleasure, but Mrs. CFO wants the cash).

So for the next few days only, first-come, first serve ... we're knocking $2000 off the price. This won't happen again--in fact prices are going up on these, so if you want one, if you want the best--make your move.

Email me if seriously interested.

Get Ready ... Seriously --

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