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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egyptian Doctor: "Right now, I'd settle for a gun, but I can't even find one of those."

You know--I wasn't going to mention this, but here goes ... it was about 4 weeks ago now, I suddenly sensed that something was dramatically changing. Globally, there was a new dynamic springing up and spreading across the internet--it felt dangerous and ugly and more than anything else--powerfully threatening to the status quo. Now I'm not a sensing kind of person. I'm not even touchy-feely.

But this was a strong intuition that slapped me across the face about a week into the new year after the Pakistan governor's killing by his own bodyguard (who was then given a hero's welcome in court the next day) and then a Philippine councilman was shot and killed as he was inadvertently taking his assassin's photo (shown here).

I don't know why those crimes struck me, other than the fact that in this media-saturated world--everyone saw that Philippine image--it was shocking and it seemed to have the potential of creating a lot of copycat thinking to emerge--given the fact that there was already an obvious amount of frustration and anger out there due to the economy and a multitude of other stresses.

Of course then, the Tucson Congresswoman shooting happened a week or so later. Following that, the riots in Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt have erupted ... which threaten to bring about an even greater potential for violent upheaval throughout the Middle East and elsewhere.

It seems I may indeed have detected an early disturbance in the force. Can YOU hear the sound of falling dominos rippling away in the distance?

Egypt: My Practice for a Gun

I was just scanning an article about the latest situation in Egypt. The excerpt pasted below, to me, captures perhaps a sentiment that speaks to many around the world today at a base level ...

Read the whole article on Egypt's current chaos right here:


A growing number of governments - including China, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Poland - warned against travel to most parts, if not all of Egypt. Arab nations, including Iraq, either sent in jets to take their citizens home, or offered to do so.

"If I had a visa to anywhere, I'd join them. But that's not going to happen," said Mohammed Khaled, a 28-year-old Egyptian doctor. "Right now, I'd settle for a gun, but I can't even find one of those."

Second amendment anyone?
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Chudex's said...

because I did not read the link you provided but the little things that I read this is a dangerous act committed, I hope egypt recovered and improved, better than ever.