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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Food Shortages, Price Hikes are Coming

Friendly advisory: At Safecastle, we work closely with a half-dozen food suppliers to get you the best fresh storage foods on the market. Today's collective inventory situation at those suppliers is unprecedented in my experience. That is, every one of them is experiencing significant backorder/out-of-stock issues on many of their storage foods.

Two main reasons--One, skyrocketing demand for storage food as the headlines wake more and more folks from their slumber ... and two, sourcing shortages for many of the basic food staples needed to keep the production lines moving at full capacity.

And as most of you know, you put these two factors together and the product is price inflation.

We're seeing it here friends. It's happening right now. There is no longer any time to wait if you are putting off laying in your food stocks for what is dead ahead. I just topped off my own personal larder to the roof. Many of my family and friends are doing the same.

New Foods Listed and an Old Favorite is Back!: Canned ghee (clarified butter) is back. When it is available, it doesn't last long, so if you have been waiting for it, act fast.

Got kids? Canned Mac & Cheese is a life-saver, with a long shelf life. It's new!

Canned Pilot Bread Crackers--canned for long shelf life, ready to eat.

Other new foods--canned breakfast cereals, LuRPs, potatoes, egg noodles, and soups to name a few.

And in addition to our long-time favorite brands, we just launched a whole new food line in our store, "American Family Supply," #10 can cases of basic dry foods.

Check out all the newest listings here (two pages).

We still have much to be thankful for as we approach the holiday we especially take the time to express our gratitude to God.

Stock up, stay safe.
Get Ready ... Seriously --

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