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Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Wait is Over; Canned Cheese is Now Shipping

As you probably know, the Bega brand canned cheese and the Red Feather canned cheese are identical--just different labels. Bega is actually the company that produces the cheese and does the canning.

We have sold both labels in the past. Now we are offering the Bega label to you at the exact same low pricing as what the Red Feather cheese was offered for in January of this year.

Buyers club member pricing is $111.20 for a case of 36 7-oz. cans.

This stuff is very popular and getting more so with each shipment that comes ashore here from Australia. For those of us who are into preparedness--it is a perfect addition to the larder. It needs no refrigeration and stores indefinitely. That means years ... decades even!

And of course, as always, it ships free to the lower 48.

Get yours now.
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