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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shaking the Paralysis in America - Get the Lead Out!

The recent repetitive waves and tidal surges of bad news that we've all had to deal with have left us numb. Detachment is an innate defense mechanism that kicks in when our senses are overwhelmed with negative input, pain stimuli, and/or fear triggers.

You know of what I speak--terrorism, international tensions, natural disasters, man-made disasters (ala the oil spill in the Gulf), economic depression, personal financial uncertainties, racial hostilities, crime, governmental encroachment in personal lives and liberties, corporate greed ...

I'm sure you can add a few more fear factors to personalize this list to your own situation. The result for many has been a kind of debilitating shock.

That's fine, for a while. But eventually it's not OK anymore.

My point is, sometimes you just have to make the effort to get back in the ballgame. If you sit for too long, you become irrelevant. Your life and your future become pointless.

It's a fair comparison to look at those who are unemployed long enough ... they become discouraged, stop seeking work, and the government even stops counting them in the primary U.S. unemployment statistics, since the "numb" become so irrelevant. The overriding, unconcerned attitude of officialdom is, "If they stop caring about themselves, why should we?" They consider those detached folks to be out-of-sight, harmless, and non-involved. In other words--no threat to the agendas of the moment.

Are You Ready Yet to React?

Think about how you felt a while back--maybe it was years ago now--when you knew times like this were coming. Perhaps that prescience is what got you involved in crisis preparedness in the first place. You worked and invested yourself in getting ready--in becoming informed on many levels, in preparing your loved ones for the days when everything would change, in positioning your household to weather the storms.

Well, here we are. It's the change we believed would come. It is in process.

Yes, the shock of an incessant, intense rolling series of "disturbances in our force" put many of us on the sidelines for a while. In a way, it's like we couldn't believe our eyes and ears that this is all happening so fast.

But now it's time to get re-engaged. We're at the stage where preparedness is less of an objective, since we are presumably as ready as we can be in that way. It now has to be about awareness, analysis, and activism ... steeling ourselves for the struggle ... re-energizing ourselves as the changes still to come will undoubtedly be coming at us at an accelerating pace.

Stay safe. Be strong.
Get Ready ... Seriously -

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