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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's May -- Time to Prep!

All Katadyn Filters On Sale;
Fresh Dehydrated Canned Potatoes, 2 for 1!

It's been a while now since we've offered up some of our patented discounted discounts, so here we go again ...

Oh, and over the last couple of months, we've welcomed almost a thousand new members, so just let me say--welcome all of you to the best crisis preparedness buyers club in the world!

1. How does two cases of potatoes for the price of one sound? Yep--these are the very popular canned dehydrated diced potatoes that have been a huge hit in the recent past. They're finally back in stock--and they're now in #10 cans!

So for at least the next two weeks club members can get a total of twelve #10 cans of these delicious taters for $71.20, shipped. Our distributor has a huge shipment in and wants me to blow out some of his inventory, so he made us this generous two-for-one offer. Can't say no to that!

2. Katadyn water filters are the most relied-upon filters in the world. We offer our members unmatched discounts on all Katadyn products to begin with. And now, for just the next two weeks, we are further discounting all Katadyn listings another 5%.

Got your eye on a Pocket? You won't have a better opportunity.

3. Finally--in mid-May, we launch another one of our big Mountain House cans sales--25% off, free shipping, and member incentives to boot. Just thought you might want to start putting together your shopping list for that one.

Added May 1: And now all Yoders canned foods are on sale too!
See all our sale items.

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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Wade Benson - Looper64 said...

Like your site. Have been going back and forth from several.

Found two related type water purification posts on
here are the links:

I'm going to look into the Katadyne Filters, they look like they'll hold up.
- Looper 64
also liked: