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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Is it just me?

I'm tired. I'm sad and disgusted.

I'm pretty much resigned to the dismal prognosis for our country that is settling over the hearts and minds of all Americans these days.

I've been very actively fighting this for nearly a decade now. What was apparent to some of us that long ago is now at last evident to everybody. That is, the future sucks--for any number of reasons.

I have grown weary of talking about it and how it will come about. Because the fact is, we are now there at the portal of the precipice. Watch your next step--it's a doozy!

There's of course at least a little politics in all of us. But for me, all these years, my main focus has been on helping to get people prepared for what I figured was going to come sooner or later. The overall momentum downhill never did slow up much through the years, and certainly never reversed course.

Well, at least, we've had ample time to make ready for the storms. Perhaps, by the grace of God, we'll have just a bit more time.

Stay safe.
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