REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: Bugout or Hunker Down? Our Experts Respond

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bugout or Hunker Down? Our Experts Respond

I asked our Safecastle Board of Advisors this age-old question (see our store pages,, bottom of left column for Advisor bio links):

Acknowledging that circumstances must ultimately dictate our response to a pending disaster or crisis, we ask this general question. Most, if not all who are involved in preparedness have in mind a "fight or flight," bugout or hunker down, Plan A or Plan B in mind for most forseeable disasters. What is your Plan A for most disasters you see as reasonably possible where you live and work? Will you grab your bugout bag and hit the highway for the hinterlands? Or are you prepared to (and hope to) fight it out at home? Please briefly explain your reasoning for what your Plan A entails.

I am posting their responses here on this thread as I receive them.
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