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Friday, November 06, 2009

Folding, Portable Bike Trailer Now Available to Go with Our Folding Bikes

Just in time for gift giving ...

If you are like me, you are determined to give gifts that you know will be at least practical, if not downright life-saving.

As such, I could present you with a very long list of suggestions for your upcoming gift-buying season.

But I will limit this entry to one brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea that I have been working on for some time, and just now have managed to bring to fruition at Safecastle Royal.

That is, we now have a quality, folding, portable bike trailer--the Quik-Pak--that will work with pretty much any bicycle ... but which we feel perfectly complements our folding bicycle lines--the famous Montague and SwissBike bicycles.

You can see all our folding bike and trailer listings here.

Short-Duration Sale Pricing

Right now, I have discounted our best-selling Paratrooper folding bike and the Quik-Pak trailer so that buyers club members save a whopping 24% off each. It goes without saying by now that they also ship free to the lower 48.

Bottom line--one Paratrooper and one Quik-Pak will cost a buyers club member a total of $899.84, shipped.

Or, buy one or the other separately and get the same 24%-off pricing for the next few days only. (Or select any of our Montague or SwissBike models at the 20%-off member discount.)

I can't go long with this sale because it will break me. But I am so pumped about the trailer, I want to make sure as many of you as possible have a good shot at getting it home quickly.

Why? Well, the way things are going out there in the world, I keep thinking that any number of scenarios could bring about a big disruption in our fragile and complex system of supply lines--especially oil and gas. No gasoline, what are you gonna do?

I for one will be hopping on my Paratrooper and hitching up my trailer (a family gift this season--shhh!) when needed. As long as the legs work, we'll get by.
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