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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Public Discourse Ultimately Being Fanned Into an Inferno?

In the last week or so, we have all been watching the media reports and YouTube videos clearly detailing the anger and frustration being brought to a boil in America.

The health care debate and the way it is being fast-tracked by congress is seen potentially as an emotional tipping point for a majority of the U.S. population. Hard-working, law-abiding citizens had been stunned incredulous up to this point by the arrogance of an over-the-top control-grab and series of financial misappropriations by the new sheriff in town.

But the wake-up call has been sounded.

Tempers everywhere on all sides are quickly ascending to levels not seen in a long time in most circles. It's more than just political gamesmanship. The personal, class, and ethnic accusations and contempt going around and around are stoking the flames to a point where you know something is going to have to happen soon to release building pressure.

In the past, government officials have largely succeeded in managing and venting similar polemics before they blew out of control. This time however, the barrage of confrontational issues on the sensibilities and values of traditional America seem to be obviously contrived and directed by certain political leaders to bring about conflagration.

Those pumping the bellows are not backing away. And there are plenty of anxious, angry, and hateful manipulatees getting motivated by the tense dynamic.
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1 comment:

Off Grid Survival said...

It's amazing to me how people in government continue to ignore the will of the American public.

If you look at history it's not hard to see how something like this can be the tipping point for revolution