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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

USPS Glorifying Anti-American, Communist Racist on a Stamp!

I am disgusted. Every day it's something new and appalling.

I send out 2-ounce shelter brochures daily. Not enough to make postage metering necessary. So I buy sheets of the appropriate postage at the local Post Office.

Since the latest postage price hike, I've been given sheets of 61-cent wedding cake stamps. Not really my favorite for what I mail out, but OK--whatever.

But yesterday, I asked for sheets of $.61 cent stamps and I was given a new stamp. The person on the stamp is Richard Wright. It shows a picture of him--a black man in front of what appears to be an inner city-scape.

The name rang a bell for me right away but I could not place it. I just researched him and found that he was an avowed, card-wielding Communist Party member who wrote widely recognized black-power types of novels back in the 40s and 50s. In fact, he left America and disavowed his American citizenship.

Now what the hell kind of message is this? We put all kinds of mindless stuff like comedians, movie stars, wedding cake, cheeseburgers, and whatever on our stamps--and OK. No big deal.

But if the United States Postal Service is going to start promoting and celebrating anti-American, communist, racists on stamps, that is well over the line.

I called the US Postal Service to express my displeasure and couldn't get anywhere of course. And no, I won't use those stamps even of I have to put sixty-one one-cent Lincoln stamps on each brochure.

This is one of those things that I suppose some liberal genius in the USPS bureacracy thought would be funny, but here's hoping more folks will pick this up. In fact, I also just forwarded this on to Glenn Beck. I bet he'll chew on it a little and spit out some interesting commentary.

Edited to add: See follow-up post here.


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