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Friday, August 28, 2009

New Website, a "Pillage the Castle" Sale, and More

We're rounding the final turn and coming into the homestretch ...

1. Next week the plan is to launch our totally brand new buyers club site. It's really very spiffy and a big step up over our current store site. Of course, you know how plans go--it MAY be that something will cause a delay, but right now we are on schedule.

2. We will possibly keep both store sites running for a short time to ensure all is well with the new store before we close the drawbridge on the old site.

3. We are working up a very cool and unusual sale to celebrate the new site. It will be called the "Pillage the Castle Sale" because club members will have the chance at a lot of FREE products (we're not talking knick-knacks here) that we are going to unload to clean up the "warehouse" here, not to mention offering sale prices on some stuff as well.

4. Since the buyers club's inception, the one-time lifetime membership fee has been $19. We are now raising that one-time fee to $29, and of course that only applies to folks who decide to join the club when that change goes into effect, and on into the future. I mention this because this increase will go into effect with the launch of the new website. So if any of you have been contemplating joining, now would be the time, before the price hike and in order to qualify for the FREEBIES that will be given away.
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