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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Treasure Trove of Disaster Prep Videos

Now THIS is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn survival skills the easy way.

Scroll though a few pages of the video listings and you'll quickly get the drift of what you have to gain if you choose to invest some time at the site.
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Liz Ditz said...

Jesse Robbins  refined his web chops at, eventually earning the  title of “Master of Disaster”.  He was responsible for Website Availability for every property bearing the Amazon brand. 

Currently, he's the CEO of a start-up in stealth mode, and is the co-chair of the Velocity Web Performance & Operations Conference and contributes to the O’Reilly Radar.

Robbins is also volunteer Firefighter/EMT and Emergency Manager, and led a task force deployed in Operation Hurricane Katrina. 

In this High Order Bit talk from Web Summit 2.0 2008, Robbins  uses examples from his Katrina experiences and other high-profile events to talk about the different learning curves for emergency services managers and Web 2.0 experts, to address the question: When and where are Web 2.0 useful in disaster response?  What is necessary for disaster services professionals and Web 2.0 professionals to learn from each other?


Message from Jesse Robbins:

For the past few years I have been trying to find ways that technology can be used to "Serve those that Serve Others".

Last week I spoke about some of the lessons learned from my deployment during Operation Hurricane Katrina at a technology conference called the Web2.0 Summit.  Video is now available, and I thought you might be interested in watching it:

Please send me your thoughts, feedback, and ideas... and help me spread the word.

Here's Jesse's email: