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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Send a Safecastle Gift Certificate This Year

If you're like me, you tend to want to give practical gifts to those closest to you ... ones that will actually prove useful and maybe even be important somehow in the recipient's life.

Imagine how valuable a Safecastle gift certificate could turn out to be for that special someone.

Sure, for the people on your list who are into crisis preparedness, they'll love you for giving THIS gift certificate!

But imagine what kind of an impact you just may make on the DGIs on your list ("Don't Get Its"). They'll have to come visit us at Safecastle Royal to redeem their gift, and WHAM! They'll have no choice but to start thinking about how preparedness ought to logically fit into their life, as it does already for so many other smart people. ;-)

No more preaching to the choir today. I think you'll immediately understand how this just may be the opportunity you've been waiting for ... to turn those uninspired relatives or neighbors into real allies and common sojourners on the road to peace of mind in a world going mad.

Here is our gift certificate page.

Sorry, no member discounts can be applied to the gift certificates (Think about it and you'll realize how we could go bankrupt in no time if we allowed that.)

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