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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Update--Emergency Food Supplies in the US

The news from where we sit is not encouraging ...

1. FEMA and some relief agencies are scarfing up any available MREs, grains, rice, and beans in the USA to send to Myanmar recovery efforts. Supplies of most of that were already in very short supply, so this is a significant punctuation mark to the current situation!

2. Mountain House freeze-dried canned varieties are increasingly on backorder, even for dealer orders, just from the increased US demand of the last few months. Right now--almost 20% of their varieties are out of stock. These foods are also typically tapped for relief efforts, and may indeed be impacted as well, though I haven't yet gotten the word on whether that is the case this time.

3. Other brands--canned butter, cheese, freeze dried fruit, canned bread, eggs, and dried milk and milk substitutes are disappearing fast now again--much going to disaster relief.

4. For the last week, it has been an impossible challenge for me to find large quantities of foods of almost any kind from our big-time suppliers. I've got a couple of my biggest orders ever waiting to be placed if only I can find a wholesaler with the food available. We're being flexible and trying to be patient, but we're talking dozens of pallets of food here, and that kind of supply is not available in the near-term anymore (and going forward, no one is optimistic they can deliver till maybe fall at the earliest--and quite possibly not then).

5. Another development--one of our larger package customers (one pallet) had their order disappear from the delivery truck the night before it was to arrive to him this week. Of course, he's getting replacement food, but I just hope this is not a harbinger of things to come.

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tjbbpgob said...

Is it possible for these suppliers to refuse to sell to fema? I am sure they get top dollar, though it would be nice if someone thought of us folks in the good old U.S.A.