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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mountain House Canned Foods Now Unavailable!

Demand at Five Times the Level of Last Year
Huge Backorder List Bogs Mountain House Down
Sales are Offline till Mid-Fall at Least

Mountain House foods are the bellwether products for the emergency storage food industry, and it is becoming apparent that emergency food in general serves as a leading indicator for the broader food marketplace in America. As such, here's a milestone development that all with eyes to see need to take note of ...

AS OF MAY 15 ...

Mountain House (Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc.) notified dealers that demand has reached five times last year's levels and that they are forced to stop taking further orders for their canned varieties for several months, in order to catch up.

Current back-orders are now out into July, so for those who submitted orders in the first half of May--please be patient--you are not forgotten, just way down the list at this point. Orders submitted earlier are due to ship soon. Be assured--there is no worry about submitted orders not being filled. If you have an order outstanding--it WILL be processed as soon as possible.

Those of you still awaiting delivery of a Safecastle 3-case/18-variety kit, we are yet waiting for shipment of the last of the bulk order for the contents of those kits. We still expect that our kit buyers will take delivery by about the end of May.

So ... we have removed from our buyers club store our Mountain House can-case listings until further notice (probably the Sept./Oct. timeframe).

HOWEVER--WE DO HAVE ONE GOOD SIZED EXTRA ORDER OF MOUNTAIN HOUSE CANS in the queue that should arrive here in July. At that point, we will make a special offer to members for that food, so stay tuned, if that is of interest.

Other Emergency Foods Getting More Scarce as Well

In addition, we have been informed by other suppliers that they are on the verge of running out of a wide range of emergency foods. So we have made an additional bulk order of some basic foods such as canned butter, cheese, bread, rice, and more to serve the needs of our members for at the least the short term.

All indications are, the food crisis will become much worse before it improves. Act accordingly please, and prepare your household.

Mountain House Pouches Remain Available

Mountain House foods packed in mylar, stand-up pouches (in single-, double-, and 4-serving sizes) remain available. We have done the math and compared the pouches to the cans and we have been surprised to realize that with the latest MH-can-price hikes, the pouches actually deliver about the same food value as the cans, dollar for dollar, calorie for calorie.

The main difference is really the shelf life you are purchasing ... 7 years for the pouches vs. 25-to-30 years for the cans. (How many think the time before they need to dig into their emergency stores now will be out there beyond 7 years???)

Of course, on the plus side, you are able to stock up on a wider variety of foods for your money and have your meals prepackaged in meal-sized, warm-able containers!

So here you go ... we've got some deals in the pouches for you effectively immediately ...


Purchase pouch cases totaling at least $1275 (after member discount), and we'll apply an EXTRA 10% discount off your order after you checkout and before we charge your card. That's a 30% discount for buyers club members! And of course, everything ships free, as always.

Or, purchase at least $650 worth of pouch cases (after member discount), and we'll apply an EXTRA 5% discount on your order after you checkout and before we charge your card. That makes for a 25% discount for buyers club members!

Sorry--this offer does not apply to the 7-Day Just in Case kit or the 72-Hour kit.

Check out your MH pouch case options here.

Shop for other available emergency foods while you still can here.

Join the Safecastle Royal Buyers Club for a one-time $19 fee.

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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