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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Headlines to Make the Imagination Wander

I know there are still a whole lot of people out there who are blissfully unaware of the spiraling state of our comfortable existence. But day by day, their numbers are shrinking.

Even those who are not in the habit of staying up on current events, through their weekly trips to the grocery store and their stops at the gas station, are finding cause for some well-warranted level of alarm.

Personal experience aside, today, a cursory review of the headlines adds to a rapidly heightened awareness ...

Today, April 15, 2008, I see these bold headlines at just a couple of mainstream news sites:

"Oil Sets New High Above $113 a Barrel"

"Wholesale Prices Soar in March"

"Foreclosures Jump 57% in Last 12 Months"

"House Prices Decline at Record Levels"

"Food Costs Rising Fastest in 17 Years"

"Wave of Bankruptcies in Retailing Causes Alarm"

We could go on, but what's the point? The reality is sinking in and being absorbed by even the most insulated of consumers. Things are changing--for people around the world, and yes--here too in America.

The time we have left to prepare wisely is short. As more folks jump in to play catch-up, the faster the supply-side situation becomes critical and unresponsive.

Scary? Yes. But reality increasingly sucks.

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