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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Personal Reflection on the Times

Seems like all I've been posting here lately is a wide variety of threatening headlines from around the world.

Although there should be no denying the fact that our shrinking globe is getting more dangerous on an almost daily basis, I really want to keep this blog's primary message front and center ...

That is, there is NO reason to freak out. In fact, since you presumably are approaching things properly today, if and when the day ever does arrive when most of your neighbors are running around with their hair on fire, you will have no reason, even then, to lose your cool.

Boiled down, there are two main rationales for household preparedness.

One--it is a very good thing to have in place the supplies, gear, knowledge, and frame of mind to deal with a sudden crisis or disaster. Crises happen. One MAY happen to you, so do you want to be equipped to deal with it if it does? Or do you want to put your family's welfare on the line strung between government competence and local benevolence and community teamwork?

Two--more immediate and universal ... when you are prepared, you invariably feel better and more at peace with your place in the world. Whether hell ever comes a calling or not, you DO have an increased measure of substantive peace of mind, and the only way that is taken from you is if your preps and your pre-positioned learnings and mindset disappear.

Beat the Rush ... Panic Now

Just kidding. But really, if there is anxiety and a sense of urgency out there today ... it is among those who have delayed in putting together their readiness plans and acting on them. It's almost never too late to get started, but plainly, more and more people out there are feeling the urge. That only makes things more difficult if you are in competition with others for limited resources.

Get yours in place before all the emergency-storage food companies are back-ordered. Related gear providers, guns and ammo dealers, and shelter builders to mention a few other resources also can get quickly swamped. It happens in times of national stress--two or three times in the last several years that I recall. And we haven't even really experienced a real national crisis yet in our day. Not the kind that is materially relevant to most everyone in every home.

If that ever does happen (think pandemic, think economic calamity, think coordinated NBC attacks, think outright global warfare), your chances for getting squared away suddenly drop to nil.

Contingency planning is smart. It's logical. We expect it from our government, corporate, and church leaders. But even if they live up to their obligations--there is little overlap with your needed household contingency planning needs.

Get with the program. No one else can do it for you. When you do, you'll be breathing easier.

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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Ryan said...

I agree that there is not a need to freak out over the way things are going. Doom and Gloom folks will always find something to freak out over. Having at least one firearm with ammo and plenty of food and water is sound advice. It will not break the bank, can add lots of piece of mind, and maybe it will save your life some day.