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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Busy Times on the Ramparts and in the Tower

Safecastle is swarming with activity these days.

Membership continues to grow in our buyers club, and that's no surprise with the way things are going around the world. Not to mention the serious uptick in shelter purchases by folks who see the lengthening shadows.

But we've also got a few key initiatives keeping the lights on into the late night hours here.

One, we're reaching out into several major social networking sites on the web, taking our preparedness message and opportunities to whole new groups of people. It's interesting to "climb out of our bunker" to see what the world is up to at places such as Facebook and Second Life, to name just a couple. We'll have more to report on that in the future.

Two, we're in the middle of building a whole new webstore for our buyers club members that will be more intuitive and easier to shop. Needless to say, we're excited about that. We plan to be launching that baby in two to three weeks.

Three, perhaps most exciting for our customers ... we're almost ready to offer a first-ever program for food prepping that will knock your socks off. Can't say more than that at this point, but we will be going BIG with this deal.

Stay SAFE!

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