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Monday, April 30, 2007

The More Who are Prepared for Crisis, the Better Off We All will Be

There's a pervasive feeling in the community of those who prepare for crisis that we must keep our readiness a secret. For some, that is the rule even to be applied to friends and loved ones.

Obviously, it comes down to a matter of trust, or lack of it.

You see, the conventional wisdom has it that in a worst-case scenario, desperate marauders, needy neighbors, or authoritarian government representatives will seek to confiscate any and all available resources when needed. Certain Hollywood scenes of panic and anarchy replay in the mind's eye, and when it comes to speaking "truth" today--popular cinema is about as convincing and credible as it gets for many.

Personally, I'm not so cynical as to rule out an inherently broad-based, co-operative, civilized response in my area of operation if and when things go seriously south. In fact, that's the basket I've chosen for my proverbial eggs. Being in the preparedness biz, I am clearly and publicly a person who embraces readiness. I am also an activist beyond my commercial ventures in attempting to promote crisis preparedness everywhere.

Fact is, I am in this market not to make money. My accountant can vouch for that. I am first and foremost aiming to spread the word that preparedness is smart. It is logical. It is what's best for all of us who want to provide for our loved ones, come hell or high water.

Yes, I understand the fear. I appreciate caution in planning and preparing. But I also encourage anyone with a mind toward greater ambitions than simply looking out for one's own interests to consider how much better off we can all be if preparedness was truly a more universal fact of life.

Share the hope. The message is getting out, but some folks might just need a little extra nudge from someone they respect--you.

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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