REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: IAEA: North Korea Committed to Disarmament Pact

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

IAEA: North Korea Committed to Disarmament Pact

For those inclined to focus only on the bad news out there, there IS always reason for hope, beyond your preparedness activities. And for those who believe all diplomatic roads lead to WWIII (or IV), well, if nothing else, diplomacy done well brings everyone more time to prepare for the future and to pray for continuously improving international relations.

As demonstrated in the real world of late, it seems that economic stability and prosperity is a powerful motivation, even for the "axis of evil." For those keeping score, in the last decade, we've seen encouraging developments out there in a number of countries, to include Serbia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Now, with North Korea's apparent softening, there is reason to believe Iran may also be ripe for reform.

Here's the lead to a Reuters article on the latest out of the DPRK:

BEIJING (Reuters) - North Korea is committed to a disarmament pact reached in February but wants sanctions lifted first, the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Wednesday on his return from a trip he said had cleared the air.

International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei said in Beijing that his visit, the IAEA's first to the reclusive communist state in more than four years, had opened the way to a normal relationship.

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Casey said...

The fact that as the human race we
have come so far and yet we still show traits of animalistic behavior, but then again isn't it our genetic disposition towards violence and aggression that keeps this gene alive in the fist place. Mans worse enemys man.