REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: Bible Prophecy Illuminates Recent Events in the Holy Land

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Bible Prophecy Illuminates Recent Events in the Holy Land

I've been impressed with the writings of Ellis Skolfield, a conservative author and Bible teacher in the latter years of his long and productive life on earth.

His learned perspective on Biblical prophecy and his ability to communicate his views with clarity are what distinguish his many works. I highly recommend spending time reading "The False Prophet" which you can link to for free in pdf format below.

Here's a snippet from his publisher's website:

Recent Events in the Holy Land fulfill Bible prophecy.

It can now be shown conclusively that Daniel, a prophet in the Hebrew Scriptures, prophesied the coming of Islam 1200 years before Muhammad was born. Those same scriptures prophesied the crucifixion of Messiah over 500 years before Jesus was born. John, another Bible prophet, foresaw the new nation of Israel 1800 years before it was established. John then prophesied that Jerusalem would be freed of Islamic control by 1967.

All these events were foreseen right to the year, putting to rest the Islamic claim that Jewish and Christian Scriptures were corrupted. Many Moslems also believe the number 666 points to the Koran and its prophet. The coming of a man identified with that number, and its dire significance, was prophesied in the Bible over 600 years before the Koran was written.

Thousands of years old, these Bible prophecies were fulfilled exactly as predicted. They impact our spiritual lives regardless of our religious preference. Clear and easy to read, The False Prophet, by our author Ellis Skolfield, is not a book against Jews or Moslems or anyone else. It is a book about prophetic truth. The God of Heaven is truth, and how well we serve Him is not determined by how cleverly we can defend our traditions, but on how willing we are to seek out and follow the truth.

Please click here for a FREE download of The False Prophet.

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