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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

ScramKit Gets 'er Done

As promised, the brand new ScramKit product line is born. The Responder Personal is the first comprehensive survival resource kit that actually allows you to have on hand all basic emergency necessities, wherever you are.

It's a full load in a little package:

  • Soft yet tough exterior - Maxpedition™ M5 waistbag in your choice of black, green, or khaki (as available)
  • Personal-size first aid kit (in separately-removable bag)
  • Pocket Survival Pack™ (in waterproof bag), from Adventure Medical Kits, which containing ...
    Rescue Howler™ whistle
    Emergency signal mirror
    Fluid-filled magnetic compass
    Firestarter kit
    Duct tape (2" x 26")
    Scalpel blade
    Stainless steel utility wire (6 feet long)
    Nylon thread
    Nylon braided "paracord"
    Fishing gear: hooks, sinkers, swivel, nylon line
    Heavy-duty aluminum foil (1 sq. yard)
    Large sewing needle & safety pins
    Waterproof paper and pencil
  • Tool Logic SL3™ folding knife with integral whistle and firestarter rod
  • Tool Logic Ice Card II™ credit-card multitool system
  • Tool Logic T1 Tech Light™ LED clip-on flashlight
  • Emergency mylar "space" blanket
  • 2 earloop face masks (surgical grade) in separate ziplock bags
  • 2 pairs of nitrile exam gloves (non-sterile) paired up into separate ziplock bags
  • GP4L digital shortwave radio with built-in regulated LED flashlight (includes earbuds) in a crush-resistant plastic case
  • 16-foot windup antenna for the GP4L radio.

Available for immediate shipping: (Turn up your speakers to hear the intro.)

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