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Friday, November 04, 2005

Do You Feel It?

A distinct foreboding ... is it weighing heavy right about now?

Without a doubt, there are a lot of folks expressing a bad feeling about things today. In fact, there a lot of people doing more than expressing their feelings ... they're getting downright belligerent.

Whatever it was that first dialed you in on the preparedness wavelength--the tsunami, a hurricane, earthquakes, the war on terror, maybe the bird flu headlines--today it's clear that anxiety in the global population is approaching a whole new peak.

Are you playing on key in that orchestra?

Cultural Demolition

This week, it seems we could be witnessing the emergence of a whole new French revolution on the other side of the pond, and it's making all our European friends nervous. What most amazes me about it at this point--that there remains a stalwart, blind refusal by many authorities there to acknowledge that this is at all an "Islamic" issue ... that it is instead, a class or poverty problem. I suspect that if this fire is quenched for the time being, it will be by a deluge of official blame swallowing--for allowing conditions to exist where people can become dissatisfied with their lives. Reparations anyone? Of course, that won't do a thing toward forestalling the real simmering conflict that threatens at some point to fully dissolve Europe as we know it.

Neither Here nor There

Fact is, over here, I've been concerned for some time about the state of our own social fabric in the U.S., and this is not at all an Islamic thing. Nor do I think it a class or poverty issue.

For years now, across demographics, tempers and outlooks have been fraying around the edges. I truly believe it's really only a symptom. The deeper, core issue that is eating us up from the inside out is about a loss of mutual respect, and an absence of self-respect due to a void we have hollowed out within.

While tolerance and compassion are popular buzzwords in society, the reality in personal interactions is that even simple courtesy is now unusual. In public life, in the media, in commercial entertainment, conflict and brutality are celebrated. Morality is denigrated.

Traditional values and wisdom gained through centuries and generations have been torched. Anti-authoritarianism and anti-conservatism are guiding lights for increasing numbers. The empty vessels are being filled to the brim with venom.

Politics? Never pretty ... but today old rules are only there to be broken.

Leaders? Conventional wisdom says greed and ego are the only motivations, so the ones accepting responsibility are tatooed over with the big crosshairs. Why would anyone of character want to try to endure the crossfire today?

Everywhere we turn, self-indulgence is god. Salvation by way of damnation ... the foundation of all good ad campaigns ... Madison Avenue reigns supreme. Market share is the currency of life.

Spirituality? Hah! It is vile if it is not in fact properly evil first.

Build Your Strength

So what do we do? Start with number one. Prepare yourself and your household for times that promise to only plumb deeper levels of despair.

Ideologies of anti-God / pro-secular chaos beat paths toward total anarchy, followed by a merciless annihilation of all that still coarses true.

If you are to endure and remain well-rooted, increase your inner resolve. Do not be easily steered. Tightly embrace the ways that guided your parents and grandparents ... that provided a righteous role in history for them ... that allowed you the blessings so many are determined to undermine for your children.

Heroes are not called for. Solid fathers and mothers and brothers, sisters, and friends are what are needed. Be an example.

Be true.

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