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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Personal Pandemic Preparedness Plan

A rather convincing, fairly succinct overview on the potential avian flu pandemic and a basic plan for dealing with it was posted at by "Snowy Owl."

For those who may be at a loss for what to do in the face of such an ominous threat, read it (see link below), print it out, and start a systematic approach to preparing your family--today.

(Important note: there are a few things I would add or change in the plan, but the most urgent point would be to try now to acquire Tamiflu from an international pharmacy while it is still available. Be advised that some professionals are now saying 16 capsules per person may be necessary for H5N1--not the 10 most flus require.)

The article was compiled/authored by "Shaman", (, and originally made available by request in August 2005, on the "WorldChanging" blog.

It can now be seen in it's fully formatted version at

One snippet:


The time to begin planning is NOW. Conditions are right for H5N1 to emerge as a pandemic, and the spread of this virus among humans could begin at any time. Waiting for the World Health Organization to announce the pandemic has begun may not leave you enough time to accomplish many of the items outlined in this plan. When people do begin to take the threat seriously, there is apt to be panic and frenzied buying as worried individuals rush to stores to begin their own stockpile purchases. Avoid panicked crowds and stockpile necessities NOW. Additionally, once the virus does reach America, standing in a grocery line with dozens of other people increases your risk of potentially coming into close contact with infected individuals.

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