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Monday, August 08, 2005

Comments, Questions, Dialog

I'm heading off for a family reunion and will be offline for at least parts of this week, starting in a couple of days. There are several good articles in the works that will be posted beginning next week.

In the meantime, I'd like to try a little dialog experiment here where readers and Refugees can talk. Not sure if the "Comments" mechanism format is best suited for this, but if you can't do bold experiments in a new blog, then where CAN you get creative?

So please feel free to jump in, click on the "Comments" icon below and have your say or ask a question. And if you have an answer for a question that's been asked, please chime in. If this meets with any success, maybe we can keep this as an ongoing feature on the blog.

Note: If you clicked on a link to this individual blog post somewhere, then you are able to see the comments that have been posted to this article.

If you linked to the overall Refuge blog where you can see several of the most recent articles, then to view the comments/dialog, you'll need to click on "x comments" to see them.


JC Refuge said...

Lars submitted this question after reading the previous blog post, "Got Nukes? Be Ready to Stay Put." It is something I should have mentioned in the article. Nonetheless, I'm going to post it here and ask someone else to reply to see if this dialog experiment can get some momentum going ...

He asked: "What's the stuff you're supposed to take to protect against radiation sickness?"

SophiaZoe said...

Brand new here. Interesting! I didn't know there was something to take for radiation sickness. Of course I have iodine tabs but that is for the thyroid, not Rad sickness. Hope to learn something.