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Monday, October 12, 2015

Thru Friday Only: Up to 51%-off Lindon Farms 25-year Storage Food!

What a great chance you have this week to substantially add to your food storage! We have never offered bigger discounts on Lindon Farms freeze dried food. As you know, Lindon Farms is the best economy-priced long-term storage food on the market. In fact, they offer some fantastic, very unique varieties unavailable anywhere else.
We have arranged for you these discounted prices at a time when storage food is in extremely high demand.
Yes, the Lindon Farms factory is firing on all cylinders to keep up with demand. They are back to delivery times where we are comfortable offering this sale now. Your Lindon Farms order will dropship to you fresh from the factory. Orders are shipping out within one to two weeks. Not bad considering some brands out there have backorder lists stretching out months long.

This is great tasting food at huge discount pricing, only through Friday, Oct. 16.
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