There are two ways to sleep well at night ... be ignorant or be prepared.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

HUGE Mountain House Sale Ends Sept. 30 ... Yes, we still have it in stock--prompt free shipping!

Have you been snoozing? If so, you can at least be comforted to know that plenty of others have been asleep as well.

However, a record number of storage-food buyers HAVE been inundating sellers such as Safecastle over the last two months. So much so that major storage food producers are going out of stock and have been unable to even come close to replenishing the shelves of their dealers.

Mountain House is the gold standard of emergency storage food--50 years in business, their freeze dried foods continually judged the best tasting, and relied upon by US government and military agencies for decades as well as by consumers! Did I mention that their cans of food last for 30 years when stored in reasonable conditions?

Well--no surprise then that Mountain House has been the number one target for buyers looking to shore up their own preparedness situation in the last two months.

Why now? The list is long and the threats are many ... suffice it to say, it's time!

MH Factory Has No Food Left

Bottom line--the Mountain House factory is 95%-out of stock. This has only happened once before during a time of major crisis.

The good news--at Safecastle we saw it coming and bought as much inventory as we could. So we still have a good amount of the best storage food in the world, in stock, ready for prompt shipping.

And the better news--it is still on sale at up to 38% off! (It also ships free!)

This is your wake-up call. Time to get it done.
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