There are two ways to sleep well at night ... be ignorant or be prepared.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Political Firestorm Season is Upon Us ... bunker down, top off the preps

Unless you're already in your bunker ignoring the noise of the approaching 2016 election season, you are likely experiencing the reemergence of that pounding headache that comes around every four years. 

Combined with the concern shared by so many about what may be coming economically and otherwise next month and beyond, we think climbing down into the bunker is a pretty good idea right about now. 

Of course that reminds us that we can't screw down the hatches until all the supplies are topped off. Water, food, shelter, fire, sanitation -- check ... Note to self: security, teambuilding, training -- always more to do there. 
Safecastle is here to help with many of these needs--it's our reason for being. If you're feeling the tension like we are--make sure you comb thru our store today and get what still needs to be procured. Politics may not directly kill you, but in the end, it's probably what's going to hurt everyone most in the end.
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