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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Day of the Resistance Sale! Loyalty Royalty Drawing June 1!

One more day for your club-member Resistance Sale ladder of incentives (note that your purchase levels include any and all products in our store ...

You will be sent one FREE LifeStraw for ANY purchase totaling at least $200. Or two FREE LifeStraws for any purchase totaling at least $400! (Note: the freebies will not appear in your cart but will be sent to you.)

In addition to that, for any transaction totaling at least $750, a Safecastle gift certificate worth $25 will be emailed to you (within one business day). Or a $1200 transaction will get you a $50 gift certificate. Or a $1600 transaction will get you a $100 gift certificate! Or a $2000 transaction will get you a $150 gift certificate!! Note that these gift certificates will expire June 3, 2013, so they must be used promptly. 

Remember--this month we are guaranteeing low prices for our members on all Mountain House foods--cans and pouches--as well as on 25 other key prepper treasures.

ON TOP OF ALL THAT (the price discounts and the incentive freebies) ... our 2013 Loyalty Royalty program guarantees registered participants a year-end rebate of between 1 and 11% on all their Safecastle purchases between Apr. 1 and Dec. 31!

Plus great odds on winning a monthly prize! Our next Loyalty Royalty program monthly drawing is Saturday morning, June 1. Some lucky registered Loyalty participant is going to win a Future Essentials Meat Combo case, worth almost $200!

And of course, your buyers club member discounts and our free shipping policy still stand as the underlying foundation beneath all of the crazy additional opportunities above that are available to you only during this month of May.
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