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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Waterbricks Now Available; Get Your Mountain House 25-Year Buckets Before the Price Hike


Now at Safecastle ... the popular and ever-so practical 3.5-gallon WaterBricks!  Great for storing water long-term, as well as dried foods. They're robust, portable, stackable, and you can even be creative with how you arrange them (get your Lego thing on).

Get one or a dozen or more ... free shipping of course, as well as club member and volume discount pricing right here.

Price Hike Soon on the New Mountain House 25-Year Variety Buckets

Yep ... the word is, come April 1, producer prices on the great new Mountain House pouch buckets are going up. These MH buckets are filled with some of the best-selling freeze-dried food varieties in pouches, tested to last 25 years on the shelf! Two bucket variety options to choose from ... or select one of each.

Free shipping and club member discounts do apply! Get 'em now at these low prices while you can.

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