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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Biggest-ever Mountain House Sale, Freebies, and Interest-free Financing!

Just Waiting for Your Tax Refund?

We do have a 6-month interest-free payment option via Paypal's Bill Me Later, with a bonus $10 back!

There has NEVER been an opportunity this generous to prepare for crisis ...

The Best-Ever Mountain House Canned Food Sale is in its last few days. Up to 35%-off MH freeze dried foods, free shipping. Mountain House is the hands-down premier storage food in the world. 30-year shelf life in cans, best taste and food quality, proven and tested over and over again.

For our buyers club members we even award Royalty Rewards gift certificates and a free Big Berkey water filter for qualifying purchases.

Act fast ... these offers end February 15. Everything ships fresh to you promptly, direct from the factory.
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