Sunday, June 14, 2009

War is Likely Following the Outcome of Iranian Elections

You have to give Joel Rosenberg his due for a widely recognized track record of amazing foresight in global politics in the last 10 years. His blog is always an interesting read. Needless to say, his many books are "must-read", especially his latest--"Epicenter."

Here is an excerpt from his June 13 blog entry:

June 13, 2009...9:49 pm

Netanyahu vs. Ahmadinejad: War is the likely outcome of the Iranian "elections"

The Supreme Leader of Iran has spoken. It’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by a “landslide.” Now all eyes in the region shift to Israel, where Prime Minister Netanyahu will deliver a major policy address on Sunday. The battle lines are clear. It’s Netanyahu vs. Ahmadinejad….Bibi vs. Mahmoud. The big question is: Who will strike first?

My Joshua Fund board members and I are just finishing up two days of board meetings. At this point, we see our mandate clearly: Do everything we can to educate, awaken and mobilize the followers of Jesus Christ to pray for peace, and do everything we can prepare for war in case the Lord allows a cataclysmic battle ensue. We are working on building the organizational and financial infrastructure to eventually provide $100 million worth of food, clothing, medical supplies and other relief aid to Israel, and another $20 million to Israel’s neighbors.

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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Kmuzu said...

War is the last thing these Mullahs want. They may be crazy, but they aren't stupid. Remember all four candidates were pre-approved by the Supreme Leader.

Think about it. Iran is broke with an inflation rate of over 20 percent, yet gas was over $4.00 last year. Where did all the money go?

It's one big Mafia organization and they aren't ready to go to the mattresses yet.