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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Citigroup Internal Client Memo: Gold to Blast Off as Economy Tanks

Looking back at the last several posts here, it looks like we're proclaiming the end of the world via a dissolving economy. We normally try to keep an even keel and simply raise awareness of a wide range of potential threats. Our overall goal is to encourage preparedness.

A full spectrum of critical threats remain visible all around the globe. However, the economy is obviously so integral to everyone's well-being, the dismal state of the world's finances is now raising most every other threat level out there as well.

Today's post, linking to an article at, indicates that there is a belief within Citigroup that either the world is on the brink of an inflation shock or we are nearing widespread economic and political meltdowns leading to unrest and probably wars. Either way, the financial giant expects gold to skyrocket in value over the short to medium term.

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