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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Introducing Military Surplus Freeze Dried Holiday Variety exclusively on Safecastle - Get $25 on your purchase and a Gift


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Our Newly launched Holiday Variety by Military Surplus

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Military Surplus Freeze Dried Holiday Variety.

$216.99 $299.00

You Save- $82.01

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CC1109-2_1e5be5f0-f1ba-4518-888e-8171d5905df2 image

Military Surplus Freeze Dried Whole Chicken Breast

$349.99 $599.00

You Save- $249.01

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military-surplus-freeze-dried-food-military-surplus-freeze-dried-salmon-fillets-single-can-27944754774098 image

Military Surplus Freeze Dried Salmon Fillets

$655.99 $799.99

You save $144.00

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Hamburger-2_0940e901-4e5e-4908-b25e-e13568cda148 image

Military Surplus Freeze Dried Uncooked Hamburger Patties.

$499.99 $599.99

You save $100.00

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military-surplus-freeze-dried-food-freeze-dried-top-round-beef-cubes-cases-28266384949330 image

Freeze Dried Top Round Beef Cubes Full case - 6 Cans

$479.99 $579.99

save $15.96(12.0%)

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Screenshot2022-09-03at8 image

Military Surplus Freeze Dried Chicken Tenders

From $349.99 $449.99

save $55.01(36.67%)

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Screenshot2022-09-01at8 image

Yoder's Canned Premium Variety Pack 12 Cans/Full Case

$210.99 $240.99

You save $30.00

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YD3012-2T image

Yoders Canned Turkey- Full Case

$214.99 $300

You save $85.01

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52a25f48-1120-42e9-b562-e499288f5045 image

Yoder's Canned Pork Sausage Meat Case - 12 Cans

$205.99 $299.00

You save $93.01

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Screenshot2022-04-06at12 image

Yoder's fresh REAL Canned Beef Chunks

From $199.99 t$299.00

save $99.01

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YD4012-2 image

Yoder's Canned Pork Meat Case - 12 Cans

$209.99 $257.00

You save $47.01

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71hxA_IWrwL image

Yoder's Canned Chicken Chunks Case (12 Cans)

$202.99 $300.00

You save $97.01

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YD5012-2T image

Yoder's Canned Hamburger Ground Beef

$209.99 $257.00

You save $47.01

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Food Brands that you can rely on for Long Term Food Storage

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Food storage is considered part of being prepared for emergencies and natural disasters. Individuals and families can eliminate some stress, worry, and inconveniences by planning for emergency food needs. How much and which foods to store will depend on the members of your household, your preferences, special health conditions, your ability to use the food in an emergency, and space for storage. Planning for short-term emergency food needs may be as simple as increasing quantities of some staple foods and non-perishable foods that you normally would use.

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How to store Food for long term

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