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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Overcoming Power Outage With Breeze Power Solar Generator

 If we talk about the current era, we all have developed our comfort zones & We all love to stay connected with technology and network almost all the time. Living without the usage of our gadgets and work would be a reason to worry. Even if you plan an outing with your loved ones, you will make sure to carry all the necessities so that you can freely enjoy the time. 

Breeze Power Solar Power Generator | Safecastle

One of the reasons to highlight all these events of our lives is Power Outage. Just imagine, you came across an urgent work & suddenly you encountered a long power outage. Or you just went on a long-awaited holiday with your family and you face the same problem.

You will never enjoy such situations!

To overcome such situations, we have got a product for you “Breeze Power 400W Portable Generator

This Breeze Power generator comes with a powerful Lithium-ion Battery. This Breeze Power 400W Generator effectively powers up your electronic devices without gas, noise, and fumes.

It can simultaneously support many devices like Mobile Phones, Laptops, Mini-Fridge, Wifi, Fans, etc. The inbuilt LED screen will provide you information about battery capacity, input or output charging & discharging.

One more major factor that will make you think about buying this Breeze Power Generator is that apart from the usual wall charging, this power station can be recharged by solar power & even 12-volt Car charging, that means with multiple usages, this solar power generator has multiple protection for you so that you can focus on other important things. 

Breeze Power Solar Power Generator | Safecastle


All these features make it “Best Solar Power Generator

Here are some benefits of this 400W Generator

  • This Outdoor power supply can be used for the majority of things like Cooking, Charging, Camping, and Entertainment as well.

  • This Breeze Power generator can be recharged through solar panels effectively which will save a lot of money.

  • The operation of this Solar Power Generator is totally noiseless & fuel-free.

  • This solar power generator can be recharged through wall sockets & your vehicle battery output as well, so you never worry about charging this generator. You can do that wherever you want.

  • This solar power generator can simultaneously charge your gadgets multiple times, even more than that.

  • Safe-over 20 kinds of protection functions

  • High Energy Density-compacted and lightweight

  • This Breeze Power generator is a perfect alternative in order to overcome Power Outage.

Breeze Power Solar Power Generator | Safecastle

Some examples for power capacity:

Cell Phones: 30+ Times

Led Light: 13 Hours

Camera: 24 Times

Fans: 100+ Hours

Let’s look at some technical specification of the Best Solar Power Generator,

  • Mini & Portable-L9.0xW5.5xH9.2 inch, only 12 Lbs

  • All In One-built-in inverter, li-ion battery, and chargers.

  • Lithium-Ion Battery-safe and 1,000 times long cycle life.

  • User Friendly-LCD shows battery level, charging, and discharging power.

  • Multiple Outputs-global standard AC outlets, 4xUSB, and 3x12V DC output ports.

  • Convenient can be charged anytime anywhere from the solar panel, car, and adapter.

  • Power various standard AC devices below 300W together.

  • Charge from 18V or 36V solar panels from any brand.

  • MPPT high charging efficiency.

  • 120W high charging power leads to 4 hours charging time.

And many more :)

So, if you want to get rid of these power outage issues, this is the solution that you actually need. Across all the available options, this is the best solar power generator that even our customers have admitted.

Just check with all the technical details of this Breeze Power Generator & then go for it. We are sure that you will love it :)

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