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Friday, July 24, 2015

No Regrets Later if you're Prudent Today: Get It Done

When It's All Over but the Crying ...
You don't want to be there ... or be in that mob. 
Look at your supply shelves ... are you completely ready?
It's a daunting task--trying to be among the few who will not be having to fight for every meal. The day will come suddenly when your chance to make ready is no more. We keep hearing from every quarter that that time is almost upon us. 

We certainly hope that's not the case. None of us want that or look forward to that. It will be hell on earth if and when America cannot feed its people. 

Our mission at Safecastle has always been to help our neighbors and fellow citizens of like mind to be prepared for major crises ahead. For some, that preparedness has already saved them when their own emergencies befell them. But it's those bigger potential emergencies out there that keep so many awake ... that may be barreling down on all of us now. The years of plenty may be reaching an end.
If we've been able to help you reach your comfort level of preparedness--that's great. Peace of mind is half the battle. If you are not yet there, or you know that a little (or a lot) more is what you need, then we are still here negotiating with suppliers to give you the best deals we can make to get you squared away.
Of course we've got a multitude of individual storage food selections and gear and preps of all essential varieties. If you know what you need, get it in hand.

Get It Done, but Beware ...
Today, we are highlighting our ready-made food packages that are built out for you to easily quantify your food situation. We base our time-period packages on 2000 calories a day. That's the medical community's minimum daily requirement for an adult ... and that's the standard all reputable storage food dealers use.
(Beware the non-reputable sources out there--don't be fooled! I just saw a best-selling food package on eBay that is 9 cans of Mountain House food ... supposedly being three months worth! People are going to be in a world of hurt if they are believing that. That quantity of food is actually 10 days worth of calories. Of course there are also many out there selling old food that has been sitting on a shelf somewhere for years in non-climate-controlled conditions. Don't be one of those guys who are scammed!)

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