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Friday, May 01, 2015

Safecastle Founder Returns to the Helm

Global crises bring JC Refuge out of retirement

I'm baaack!

Effective May 1, I am back at Safecastle to run the business I founded in 2002.
Mom calls me Victor, and friends call me Vic, but most folks out in the prepping universe know me as JC Refuge. By any name, I, along with a few family members built up Safecastle to be a leader in the crisis preparedness marketplace. Our customers came to know us as ultra-reliable customer-service mavens who would do anything in our power to assure the realization of their crisis preparedness goals.
Now I am coming out of retirement at a time when major global threats and emergencies are putting huge stresses on preppers and suppliers everywhere.

Are YOU Ready?
It's obvious there is just not much time left before the increasingly volatile status quo in America and around the world is going to rupture.
Who is going to be there to take care of your loved ones? If not you, then who?
Needless to say, now is the time to be laying in supplies, topping off your preps. Safecastle is ready and equipped to help. I intend that we will get that done for you in ways that cannot be matched!
I'm excited about our upcoming big plans. We've got a great new web store that is almost ready to launch, and we're going to be revealing a new way we will be rewarding our loyal customers and members for their wisdom and business with Safecastle. More on these things will be forthcoming.

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Stay safe!
Vic Rantala
aka JC Refuge
Founder and CEO of

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