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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Prepare My Life Planner up to 35% Off, Step-by-step emergency preparedness plan

Do you know what to do with important documents (passport, birth certificates, contact information , maps, insurance etc.) in an emergency ? Here is an excellent solution, very important for preppers. 

Prepare MyLife PlannerStep-By-Step Emergency Planner

Step-by-step emergency preparedness plan that also houses your important documents for easy grab & go urgency. Includes tabs, forms, folders, pages, pockets, and pouches to keep everything organized. Also includes CD, pen, and calculator in a secure zip-up binder. 

The Prepare My Life Planner guides you through an easy step-by-step preparedness plan that will

  • Empower family members how to react in an emergency
  • Assist you in making critical emergency preparations
  • Organize and store your vital records and important documents

Each section of the binder has a detailed list of items to include and contains the necessary tabs, forms, folders, pages, pockets, and pouches needed to keep everything organized and easy to find. Emergency contact information, cash, keys, maps, destination planning, family pictures, computer files, birth certificates, insurance documents, titles and deeds, wills and trusts, investments, burial arrangements, and much more all housed in one convenient and secure binder. A complete preparedness plan that is not only easy to follow but also one that you won’t want to be without!

MSRP: $150.50Buy: 109.99 
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"What I love about the Planner is that it is a central location for my emergency information as well as my important documents. I love how organized I feel and how easy it is to find what I need. I must be an impatient person by nature because when I need something I like it to be readily at my fingertips (like our social security cards, immunizations, birth certificates, insurance information, etc.). I also love how secure and portable it is. It comes in a zip up binder with lock and key and can easily be taken on the go in the event of an emergency."

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