REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: Qs about Ebola, Terror, and Economic Collapse

There are two ways to sleep well at night ... be ignorant or be prepared.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Qs about Ebola, Terror, and Economic Collapse

1. Is not the stated original goal of Islamist terrorists to bring about an economic collapse in the US?

2. In the current tenuous economic environment, wouldn't even a modest Ebola outbreak in the US and subsequent quarantines and travel/supply-line shutdowns cause panic, market collapse and bank holidays?

3. Is the chaotic Ebola disaster in West Africa not the absolute easiest opportunity in history for non-clinicians to acquire such a deadly communicable pathogen (if personal risk is not a consideration)?

4. Do Islamist terrorist groups have a shortage of suicidal fanatics eager to die for the cause?

5. Have the travel options to legally or otherwise enter the US unchecked ever been more wide open to foreigners in modern history?

6. Why aren't these very obvious questions and answers not bringing about serious and urgent public discussion and official actions to attempt to save our nation at this late date?

7. Isn't the current instability of the global geopolitical scene also reason to suspect that certain other global powers would see this as a golden opportunity to silently and remotely help topple the weaker-than-ever superpower that stands in their way of accomplishing their own goals?

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